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No communication with Guest - reservation without prepayment/cash

Good day,

We rent a property on Curacao and we have another booking from guests who are not responding to any of our messages on We have welcomed them to our house and requested details on payment arrangements, deposit, and if they need airport transfer etc, and what kind of baby bed they need....

They havent responded to a single message for a month now and they have booked for 2 weeks in May 2021.

We can only ask for cash payment at arrival at the moment (limited by and we have had similar situation few months ago, guests didnt show up. 

We dont have any contact info of the guests, no tel phone, no prepayment. no credit card number. Is there a way we can get in contact via or ultimately cancel the booking because we dont want to risk another no show, if there is no communciation with the guest at all.

Thank you!


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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Bert, 


Based on what you shared you should probably go ahead and cancel.


As you stated their is a deposit to prepay, then you hold the right to now cancel since it has not been paid in advance.



  • Open reservation details page.  
  • Send message at bottom to notify of intent.
    • "Due to the failure to prepay the deposit in a timely manner, and it is now 28+ days since booking date, we have no choice but to void this booking."  
  • Now on top of the page on right pane, click Request Cancel  
  • Then choose Option 1, follow any prompts after that. 


Kind Regards



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