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no credit card info

Three reservations came in today with this notice when I tried to access the guest's credit card information.  I notifies all three guests and only one contacted our property directly stating that she put her credit card info in on, but she would give it to me over the phone.  "Your guest's credit card details aren't available.  There was a problem retrieving the credit card information."

I only have a limited number of rooms on my small property.  I can not leave 3 or 4 empty without a credit card. won't let me cancel or mark the credit card section without any cc number.  

Very frustrating.  

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi, you must contact Partner Support directly to report and request.


Note bdc online payment method will always hide the full cc vcc info until day 2 of stay. 

Lizabeth Salinas 1 year ago

I have contacted partner support today.

You are wrong.  The past 5 years our property has been set up with to receive full cc info to confirm a booking.  We would never let a guest stay a single day without a credit card.  

This problem just started today.  many reservations came in today with full credit card information, five more reservations came in today without and I was told by that they have a glitch in the system and will fix it. actually called me back, when they saw the problem.  Hope they fix it fast.