No idea how I can charge online payment

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I have a group of guests booking two rooms at my apartment and they paid online by using virtual credit card, but I have no idea how I can charge the card. Is it possible that the guest can get refund of the online payment and I can get all cash from my guests?


I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible since the guests are checking out tomorrow.

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Hi BHA Apartment


Typically when the prepayment is done via an online OTA such as BdC, expedia etc,  they send you the VCC virtual card info so you can charge it.


You can avail of services like sumup.com, who will ship you in a few days a card reader ,which also also you to enter in the card info manually like the VC info and thne it goes to your bank account minus their service charge.


I got one for this just in case I decide to stop using Prepayments By BdC.


Another way to do similar without the physical card reader unit is setup a website on something like square space, with a few clicks you can setup a checkout shop, and simply add it as an adhoc item for the amount and then enter the checkout as the customer using the VCC card info the OTA send you. Its essentially the same thing.


Otherwise yes tell them to contact the OTA for refund , the OTA confirms with you then refunds.

Then you can setup for future bookings prepay with Booking.com :)


Its under the Finance section of the dashboard - Getting Paid.




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