No money received by the host - a month later after the booking

We have rented our apartment through Booking.com in March to 2 guests. To this point in time, we still have not received the income from the rental. 

I am also using AirBnB and always I receive the money within days from when the guest has left. 

According to the booking.com site, we should have received the money at the end of March -. at least 15-16 days ago. 



What form of payment do you have set up?

For the sake of this post I will assume that you have BDC collecting payment on your behalf.

If correct, it very much depends on the guests check out dates. If within March then yes, you should have been paid. If April then you will not be paid until mid May.

If any other type of payment is set up then it's wholly down to you to collect it.