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My bank is charging me £1.76 per day for every day I am overdrawn.

Overdrawn 6 days now thanks to BOOKING.COM exceedingly late payment.

Told my guests last night that I may have to ask them to leave!!!! THEY ARE SHOCKED THAT BOOKING.COM HAS NOT PAID ME.!!!!

Not only do they make you wait 6 weeks from the first booking of the preceeding month they make you wait another week - and still no assurance that you will be paid!!!!

I HAVE PHONED 5 TIMES NOW since last Friday so that has now cost me money on my mobile. Have not been able to speak to anyone in Finance. THEY PUT YOU ON HOLD AND NO ONE ANSWERS!!!!

I am thinking of putting my home on the market as I have no savings and I cant carry on like this as it is my only income!!!!!

I support orphanages and schools in Africa and India and the children are going hungry right now thanks to BOOKING.COM.

I have threatened them with legal action but they don't care. I am full this weekend with guests but I will close down on Friday if I have not been paid by then and turn them away. What else can you do? I will then take them to court. They owe me almost £1,500.


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Hi Alison this is truly shocking but unfortunately nothing new. May I suggest when your guest arrive on Friday you tell them that have not paid you and refuse to give you a reason why and under the current circumstances if the guest want to stay they must now pay you and deal with for a refund.

3 months ago

My son has told me to start cancelling bookings, explain to them the reason why and then if they still want to come to pay me cash on arrival as I have no card facility.
I will link my guests to this forum so they can see I am not lying and others have been affected also.
I have phoned and sent emails to but I do not receive any reply.
They owe me £1455. I am incurring bank charges daily and my credit card now maxed out. I have now had to ask friends to help me with food.
I also support orphanages in Africa and India. Our children now go hungry and can only trust God to provide.
I believe are so big they really don't care about the challenges they cause by late payments.
They will have to answer to the Lord! For His angels look upon these little ones.
We have about 300 children.
Be blessed!

3 months ago