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No payment received for a chargeable No-Show


It's been since 26 th August that my guest didn't show up for a booking, which was had a chargeable no-show condition attached. have not paid yet.

How long does it take?

Other bookings since 26th August have been paid.


If you are using Collect for payments then you will be paid on the next appropriate invoice ( as governed by the booked check out date and your contracted payment frequency).

If you are not on BDC collect and cannot process the guest's card off line then you will have to write it off, there will be no payment from BDC.

Isle of Wight …

We seem to get a lot of the same sort of questions asked in here .... so here's my copy and paste reply .....


Any time you take payments / process cards yourself, you expose yourself to risks of fake bookings, no shows, card failures and late cancellations, all giving you empty rooms that you cannot fill.


If available, use Payments by and set all payments to Non-Refundable. Guests must pay at the time they make the booking. No more late cancellations. If a guest doesn't show, you still get paid. It's the only way. Take a look at other discussions about no-shows, late cancellations, cards not working, and the bigger discussion on Payments by




M Adamopoulou

New same questions ...

As guests don’t read descriptions, don’t answer email messages, hosts don’t read guidelines...don’t search....

Thanks Isle for copy paste...I also use it...

Have a happy day...