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No show

Hello we have received a last minute booking on 23-12-2019 for arrival 24-12-2019.

The guest never showed up, so we have a no show.

We know how we can report this but our question is, how do we get our money?

We do not use a vcc or any other prepayment of, the customer needs to pay cash at the location.

If the customer does not pay, do we still need to pay the commission?

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pibomarco 2 years ago

If you mark the booking as a no-show you won't pay the commission (but you must also mark that you waive the no-show penalty costs). 


If you didn't use prepayment features of you handle all the payments directly with the guest. In this case you won't be covered for a no-show from

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Protect yourself - use Payments by - look at my profile and scroll down to the comments and you can see I've posted about it many times ....

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Dive Urge 1 year ago

We have just discovered that a 'no show' only pays out for one day of the booking and the rest is not paid. We had a weeks booking which didn't turn up and this is a problem as we could have sold the rooms a few times over. It doesn't seem right that if they cancel, they are charged, but if they just don't show up then they only pay one night!

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pibomarco 1 year ago

You can set cancelation preference in extranet under the "Policies" and choose how much are you going to charge for a no-show. It's either same as a cancelation fee or 100% of the total price.