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no show

How can I charge a guest that was a no show? I have already marked no-show in the extranet. 

It´s  a non refundable reservation. 

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Barry Reilly


Hi Geraldine,


Since its a no show and on a non refundable rate , was it prepaid or a VCC  given by BdC or Guest Card info given or any other method?


I believe you have to wait a day or two for the VCC or guest CC info in the reservation page to be active.

If not prepaid then all you can do is contact BdC support team by phone and report it, not sure if they will do anything for you .  They  should at least try to ring the guest to get payment info.


Or you could try contacting the guest directly for payment.


Kind Regards

1 month ago
geraldine schwindt

Hi Barry,

thanks for your response!. 

The guest had given a credit card number but I´m not allowed to see that info!

Maybe I have to wait. Today is the check out date for this reservation. 


Kind Regards, 



28 days ago