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Mr *** booked room from 8th to 9th July 2020 for 1 night booking id - ***. Guest not travelled and we had received a mail  from on 8th July mentioned that guest wanted to cancel his reservation with out Cancelation charge. 

Request you to cancel his reservation without cancelation charges and waive of the commission.

Further any clarification please free to contact me - ***

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BrookAve 1 year ago


HI Ashok


It seems you have not trained on how to use the Extranet, this is a self service task for you yourself to perform, and not post on here, in order to action.


Reminder: This is called Partner hub not Support Hub , so you are only addressing partners.


Its actually very simple.

If when you received the message fro mguest it was done via the portal, as a feature to click on , then you just click the link in the email and choose to waive the refund  penalties if any.


But if they did not do it properly and just sent a plain message , then instead :


  1.  in Reservation details page, click Request Cancel, right pane bottom.  
  2. Choose option 2.  
  3. System sends Guest notification and requires them to action a link to confirm in order for it to complete and also trigger any prepaid  full refund.


Side Note: should the guest not action nor reply the booking is still valid.

Should they contact BdC you may end up being invoiced for relocation.


Reminder : property link is missing from your profile, see HowTo below.

Kind Regards,