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I recently joined and i have had a bookings where the guests do not turn up and i cannot charge them No-show fee and have not been helpful.

My recent incident i had a guest book for a whole month (28 nights) basically the guest has held the whole month so no other guest can book. I called the guest and said they will make payment at a later date. Only to wait and they did not pay and to write back and say it is a Chinese Scam. 

Has anyone ever experienced this? 

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I'm sure we've all had this problem when first starting out business. We naively believe our customers are honest and will turn up on the specified date. Unfortunately this doesn't happen. The only way forward is to charge either the full amount or at least a deposit immediately upon accepting the reservation.

Is 28 days a usual booking stay for your area? Maybe consider setting a maximum stay of say 7 or 14 days per booking.

11 months ago
Judy Gathiru


Thank you for your advice. Appreciated .

11 months ago
Cherry Hunt

Hi. I have started with recently and am new to the forum. I have had continual no shows from Chinese bookings. I have read how owners have requested deposits on booking and their bookings have dropped dramatically so I am not keen on going down that path. . I am at the point where I receive a booking from a Chinese person I virtually ignore it. Lucky it is low season so I have spare rooms.

8 months ago