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no show and last minute bookings

You guys, I'd really appreciate if someone could advice me how to minimize these last minute bookings. Because 99% of them are fake and I end up with no show. Besides my country isn't allowed to charge customers prepayment. 
Any ideas?


Hi, it's easy : just precise how much prior booking time you require in your reservation settings.

You can request 1, 2 or more days prior notice before being able to make a booking with your property.

Go to rates and availabilites, calendar, chose a room type, click edit occupancy pricing, and then minimum advance reservation.

I hope this helps.




well, back again.
Have entered this section but can't find where I can note the reservation timing...



Maybe we are not in the same time zone !

I re-did it this morning as follows :

Go to rates & availabilities, chose calendar.

Select "all rooms", set the time period concerned, and on the right hand side chose "list view"

For room 1, click on standard rate and further down will appear the settings you can adjust for this room. The last one down is "minimum advance reservation".

Otherwise go to Inbox and type your question in the help box, maybe you are on an extranet version different to the one we have here ?

Have a good day,