No show and loss of earnings when guest is meant to pay cash on arrival.


I am new to I had my first reservation and my guest didn't show up, despite having made contact to confirm the booking. As I do not have card payment facilities, the guest was going to pay on arrival, but as the guest didn't show up we lost the income and potentially lost any other guest that might have booked the dates had they been free.

I am familiar with airbnb and trip advisor where they handle the payment part of things. I rang customer service to ask if was going to charge the customer card and pass the fee to me after taking the commission, but I am told that my only option is to contact the guest and demand the money?

Well, I think this advice could potentially put me at risk of violence. Of course the guest is not going to pay unless charges the card details they have which I can not access. 

It was hard to find the customer service contact number as there seem to be lots of things in place to stop you ringing customer service.

Not very good first experience for me I am sad to say :(





Sorry to read about your ordeal!

We have implemenented a v/strict cancellation policy and demand payment upfront purely to avoid these situations. We are sure that by doing so we deter a number of prospecitive guests but at least those that book are guranteed to be serious!

Personally would not chase myself to demand payment as not worth the hassle and best to move on.

Name and shame is something else you might want to consider!



Sharon Powney

Sorry to hear of your no show.  Don't forget to mark Reservation as No show, otherwise won't know and you will be charged commission.  Check out whether you can move to 'Payments by' and then they will process everything for you for a small additional percentage.