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No show and no CVC

1- I had a booking that was a no show, even though I was in touch regarding the guest's early arrival and provided address, check-in details, door passcode etc. I was meant to collect payment on departure but learnt at the property that the guest didn't even show up. I am now trying to collect payment but the CVC is hidden on the reservation. 

2- I have another customer who booked and stayed at the property, hasn't paid, its been 7 days now and no response either. I cannot view card details as they were collected by How can they help me?

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Search the partner community for "no show" and "payments by"

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Samia Sheikh , thanks for sharing with the Community.

If you aren't able to see the CVC, you might request to the extranet assistance to check for you if your payments settings are correct, since we are capable to unable it internally.

Unfortunately, for the first reservation if you aren't able to check the CVC the best option will be to contact the customer service, whom will contact the guest and see if she/he is willing to share the code with you and allow to complete the payment.

About the second case, if the guest has paid with a virtual credit card, you should be able to make the manual transaction via your POS. The VCC is stored in our system within 60 days after guest's checked out, therefore try to see if by clicking on it, you see it. 



Ryan Davis 3 months ago

I frequently have the same problem.  When I call support to get the CVC code... they don't provide it to me and say they don't have it either.  I end up not being able to charge for no shows.  This is a huge issue, because most of the time, I could have rebooked the rooms.

I don't understand how they ( can take a reservation without the CVC for the card, as this would be a huge scale problem for the industry.