No Show Charge backs and invalid credit cards

We are having more and more issues with booking with invalid credit cards or guest who book and No show for their booking. We charge for no shows when we are busy and have gotten 4 charge backs for the last 2 weeks from guest who did not cancel that we have charged. Disputing these charges with the Booking.com paper work does nothing. All charge backs have been declined. Anyone else having this issue. There are constantly issues with credit cards. Its to the point that I don't want to be on Booking.com its just a joke.

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Hotel Miramar

I agree.  Booking.com is not helpful.  When the guest arrives at the hotel and the credit card is invalid and the guest does not have cash, guests walk out without renting a room.  Booking.com will not allow you to cancel the reservation immediately. You have to wait three hours after you mark credit card as invalid in extranet.  Booking.com trusts more to guests than hotels.  But booking.com forgets if there were no hotels they would not be making money.  Hotels should have a policy like airlines.  

1 month ago