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No show report and costs to deduct in my bookkeeping



As we took over a few listings from another partner, we had a few no-shows unfortunately the last weeks.


I want to report these in my stats but also to my accountant, so that we can deduct these costs from our overall income.


How can I do this as the reservations with details does not show anymore :-(.



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Aaltje B.

Hi Chrisje (nice name!)

If you type in your question in the search bar, you will see all the comments being made about this topic.

BDC has a special page with advice too about this topic too.

There is a way how to report it and make things easier for the accountant and you.

Enjoy the reading :)

Happy Easter,


Aaltje B.

6 months ago
Aaltje B.

Aah, sorry Chrisje, it means: BookingDotCom. There is a technical reason why people don't use the full name, but it has something to do with computers, :)

I am still learning, and I am not the most technical highlight of South Otago, learning by sheer persistence. Keep on keeping on :)

We'll get there!


Aaltje B.

5 months ago