No shows

Hello. For the past few days constantly im having last minute booking for the same day. No time of arrival is provided. The guest is not showing. The next day again the same

Aaltje B.

That is strange Trenkoski Mkd.

You could try to arrange payment at time of booking.

Hopefully, that will stop the cancellations.

Request the help-team how to do that. (As I hope it is possible in your country)

Let us know the result, please.


Aaltje B.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Trenkoski Mkd and welcome to the forum.
Very awkward situation and frustrating. Maybe you should stop accepting last minute bookings for some time and immediately inform BDC of this awful situation.
Wish you luck...

Mashi Niwarthana

Then you ask credit card details from them and when you receive the reservation take a screenshot of those details. And arrange your policies that taking full payment or half payment from the no show reservation

Then it will be settled.

Cheers from SriLanka