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No shows

I am very disappointed with

I have joined recently in the last month and have already had 2 no show booking.

These have both been last minute which has meant I have paid extra for cleaners and made beds etc and basically is a wasted cost and time that I don't really need at the moment.

As I am new, have told me they can't take payment for me and this will come in a few weeks/months.  But i'm now told that even if i get through this check,  they are not able to take payments for Barbados at the moment anyhow.

What I am really unhappy about, is that when you look at the reservation details, and hover over 'View credit card details' - you get a message saying:

'You aren't able to view these credit card details at the moment but we'd like to reassure you that they've been checked. You will be able to view these details if the guest is a no show or the reservation is cancelled.'

This is not true - as the last booking I marked as a no-show, i still was not able to see the credit card details and nothing provided to me.

How are we supposed to recover the costs?







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