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No Shows with invalid/unusable Credit Card

Hi Folks

* Just wondering if you have any tips on how to follow up on "No shows" with "Unusable Credit card". I.E. cant charge the guest and have lost potential income. My policy is full payment on no shows.

* I feel this is obviously deliberate and would like your views on what should do to protect us partners - Black list the Guest from any future booking would be my choice.

Thanks Folks - Accommodate well!


sorry to read about your no show with invalid credit card!

Unfortunately I do not think there is a way to blacklist a guest in the system and what I did to limit no shows etc is to get to sort out all collections and enforce the no show fees. Not sure there is another fool proof way around this.


Yep, I did not want to go down the deposit/prepayment path, but may have to.