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non payment of stay from

Has any other partner had issues trying to get payment from

This is for a bank transfer payment from them to us... 

We have now rung no less than 8 times, emailed finance depart via extranet, all without resolution.

Our guest 2 adults, stayed in October 2018, paid online at the time of booking. $900 NZD worth.

This was noted in our system as a bank transfer which we fully expected to get paid within a couple of days of the guest checking out.

This did not happen. 

We rang in November to be told by customer support this would be paid by Dec 15th 2018, when this did not happen we rang again.... and again and again....

Every time we ring we now get told something different..... oh there has been an error, a miscommunication, we will contact our finance depart, are your bank details correct in our system, you have been marked as high priority!!! blah blah blah.... 

Long story short..... 7 months later we still have not been paid..... but funnily enough all our commissions for other stays have been deducted from our bank account 

Would love to here from anyone with similar.. and how you managed to get a resolution.

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You should always message the finance team for such topics.


Kind Regards

1 month ago
M Adamopoulou

Very sorry to hear about your payment problems.

Maybe you should also send your payment request through your Extranet inbox tab, directly to

Wish you all the best.

1 month ago