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Non payments by

 We have not a single payment from for 5 months now - does anyone know who to contact for such an issue - we make monthly payments for commission and yet receive nothing apart from remittance advise notifications


Have you got your listing set up for to take the payments on your behalf? If you have, you should get the payments less their commission on the 15th of the month your guests have been.


I haven’t been paid this month either - it’s disgraceful. No one picks up the phone and I’m in trouble with my bank now!!!


I haven't been paid by this month either. Contacted them and no help at all and told me to email in and they will look into it in the next 3-4 days. Useless


Hello, wondered if anyone could help or advise me as this was my first booking with my new holiday let and I have still not been paid from a booking at the beginning of April. I had an email saying I would be paid on 15th May but went into my bank and nothing. Called Cambridge number this morning and was told there were many properties affected by banks rejecting their payment?and that their team were working on it?.. very worried so closed off rest of year with them.

Have had payments from trip advisor and home away on other bookings in May so why can’t a big company like Booking.Com pay us. They have taken their commission!!

anyone else had this problem?

thankyou for any assistance

Wilson Al

same here have been paid for April

Can't get an answer from disgusted!!!!!

please post if anyone can gert an answer


Hi Same situation here.No response to messages or phone calls.I am considering cancelling all my future bookings for the Summer.I will not tolerate this crap from a so called major player in the holiday industry.Typical on line business model...take the money and communicate with no one when the *** hits the fan.

They obviously have a MAJOR issue so beware.Get it out oonto social media NOW.