Non refundable rate plans and credit card charge backs

Hi all

Ive done a few NON refundable rate plans which means they are cheaper, but they are Not refundable.

problem is friendly fraud, or chargebacks is becoming more common and we recently had a cancellation on a non refundable rate plan. the guest didn't show and therefore started a chargeback. 

After sending in all the guests email, address and numbers, the bank declined our appeal and the chargeback was won by the guest, even though it was a cheaper rate and non refundable.

the banks answer was the numbers where keyed in, and visa and mastercard have their own policies on accommodation bookers that automatically wins any chargebacks, no matter what info we provide.

The booking.com chargeback dispute form is garbage, and even our eftpos provider didnt help.

the main issue with friendly fraud is that anyone can do a card dispute against anything where numbers are keyed in, and they will win.

Even if the slightest change they loose the dispute, it doesn't cost them anything. The seller is stuck with the dispute charges etc even if they win or loose.....

Pretty unfair i would say..

So how does everyone deal with chargebacks on cancellations, no shows or bad guests?

Expedia pay direct into our account which is much better, no issue with chargebacks. 

Im now trying virtual card with booking.com but what if a guest disputes booking.com for deducting their money, does booking.com come back to us and ask for it back?


this is the second time ive posted this, seems the first on wasn't put up.. Maybe booking.com know there's an issue but dont want to do anything about it or increase their risk to chargebacks.








1. Partner Profile Display Name 'info' is not appropriate name, please rename to actual property name or short name or your own name. 


2. Partner Profile Property Link . Add your property link to partner profile so we can visit the listing whne trying to advise, and help.


3. Non Refundable Rate - Chargebacks

Wow the cheeky pups chancing their arms. That is truly disgusting  people are doing that. Even worse how the system appears to be stacked against you.

The only solution I know of at this time is use Payments by Booking. and set all to prepay.


4. Guest using charge back against BdC

With BdC and their T&C is not as easy for fake , no shows etc bookings to do that. Still report it to BdC when this happens and actually use the Extranet Message feature to report it and ask for advise. Dont leave it for someone else to do.


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i'm having same issue. posted today. booking are no help. and can't access conversations between guests stating, they are wanting to cancel or change date which I allow. think i'm going to up pricing on booking and discount on airbnb

Dungowan Water…

Oh and another thing with airbnb, you wont have to drop your pricing, and for some reason people who book on airbnb think its trendy to stay at an airbnb property. Airbnb is about $20 a night more then booking.com which is about $20 more then booking direct with us, but for some reason people still book with airbnb...



Dungowan Water…

yeah airbnb seems a bit better option but our channel mangers doesnt work with airbnb, so i have to manually put pricing and availability on all our accommodation types, which is time consuming. Least with airbnb, the guests generally keep it clean and hosts are able to review guests.



what is the name and or website for the channel manager you are using , please ?

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Hello, Dungowan Waterfront accommodation! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for your post. It looks likes you're moving in the right direction trying a virtual card. Please find more details in this article: https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/policies-payments/how-and-when-do-i-refund-virtual-credit-card-vcc I really recommend you to spend a few minutes reading it because you can really find a lot of useful tips related to your situation.