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non-refundable rates

Hi Guys.

If the guest has booked a room with a Non-refundable rate and hasn't booked with a virtual credit card - is it possible to process the payment from the card details on file before arrival?


Hi Cathal,


I'm reading between the lines on the ommission of detail above...

  1.  you have a non refundable rate
  2. You are NOT using BDC as the payment gateweay i.e. pguests are not pre-paying to BDC on your behalf.
  3. BDC is showing you the guest's prepayment method for you to charge them in advance

Yes if the above assumptions are correct then yes you can.

I dont understand why you mention a VCC, as that shouldnt be a factor regardless.

Alternatively : Contact the BDC supoprt  via contact us in app of footer of this page to talk to someone on phone to clarify options.

Kind Regards




Isle of Wight …

If you are taking card payments for bookings, the non-refundable thing is meaningless .... you'll get a lot of bookings, but you'll also get a lot of no-shows and non-payments .... and by the time a guest doesn't show, it's too late to rent out your rooms to someone else .... you lose ....


If it's available, use Payments by .... guests will have to pay at the time of booking, exactly the same as they do with AirBnB / TripAdvisor / HomeAway and all the other systems .... and that's when you can use Non-Refundable .... once they've paid, they've paid, and you're (almost) guaranteed to get the money whether they show up or not .... yes, there are very high commissions, but you simply adjust your rates to take that into account .... and yes, it takes a very long time for to pay you, but it's better to get the money later than not at all ....