Non Refundable Reservation

I have non refundable rates enabled. A guest can make bookings with non refundable rate without providing any payment information. How does this work. What is the use of giving an option of booking a non-refundable rate with no payment details? I have customer with non-refundable bookings don't show and I cannot do anything about it since there is no payment details attached to the reservation. Or am I missing something.  

I am new to all this so may be I am not understanding something

Iqbal Virani

Thank you for your reply. But I don't see the option for Payment by Booking.com or for Virtual Card. Is there anything I need to do to have that available? I should see these options under Finance right?


Thank you



Hi Iqbal.

You probably didn't set in your options that your guests can pay you with credit cards, so the system didn't ask the guest for payment details.


You have to activate the credit card details (choose which card you can accept) and first of all, get that POS terminal from the bank to be able to accept credit cards.


After you activate credit card payments, Booking.com will ask a guest for their credit card when they want to book your property and he (Booking) will send you guests credit card details (number and validity), so you will be able to type guests credit card number into that POS terminal from your bank and take the money from your guest credit card (without the presence of the credit card)


It sounds complicated, but it isn't... ;))


Iqbal Virani

I have the pay by credit card enabled and defined which cards we accept. But I still don't see the menu item to join the Payments by Booking.com