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Not getting paid

I’ve not been paid since opening on 15th July.  They say a payment was sent to my bank on 28th July and another two payments are being processed!

I have tried in vain to contact Finance but they don’t pick up the phone.  I have sent numerous emails but still no one has contacted me.  I’ve phoned customer service nearly every morning but their hands are tied and can only contact finance via email.

My bank account is correct and my bank say they have not received any payment.  Has anyone got any advice on what else I can do to get a response from Finance? is anyone else having problems getting paid?

Sheena Laird

Hi Brook,

Yes, I send messages through Extranet.  I phone the Edinburgh customer service number most mornings but they can only pass messages onto finance.  I’ve tried phoning Finance but they don’t pick up.  The longest I’ve held on for is 40 minutes. I’ve even tried tweeting their Twitter account.

I'm fully booked until end of September so paying out a lot as I supply breakfast.  I’m a pensioner and invested my savings on the annexe for a regular income so I’m really struggling now.

i really don’t know what else I can do. communications are appalling but they dominate the market here in UK.  How simple would it be for them just to ring me and tell me what the problem is?