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Not getting paid from booking

unfortunately  I have not received my payment since April, I have been calling , emails every day for a month, no one is responsible no one wants to review my case in depth and every time I call someone tells me something different, today I sent  a copy of my bank statements where it shows that I have not received the money, because the response of booking is that the money was sent and they have not received any rejection, at this point I think they are lying as  I ordered proof of payment and they have not delivered any.

As you I am also a small business this has cause me an extra interest in my mortgage payments,

I don't know what else to do.

Cherry Liu

Hi Diana 

I met the same issue. I just shared my experience at another post. They keep saying my bank information is incorrect. I contact my bank and my bank verified that my bank information is correct. B. do not tell me which information is wrong. their financial department is hard to reach out


I have EXACTLY the same problem right now and am really annoyed with the runaround that I'm getting from BDC.  My bank has now carried out an internal investigation to see of the payment went somewhere else by accident but they do not have it.  The Finance Dept. is extremely difficult to get a hold off, especially when you have a day job and can't hang on the line until your call gets through.  

Does anyone know of BDC actually have a proper complaints procedure?  I have asked for that too but am still waiting on it!