one day stay pricing

Is there any way to charge a premium for one day stays without increasing prices then offering a discount for over one day bookings?  It would be better to be honest with guests and let them see that one day stays are priced more than if they book two or more days.




Aaltje B.

Hi Victor

I looked it up in the search bar and found: How to make a one day stay at a premium price. There are many hosts wrestling with this.

I find it a hassle and my linen is suffering big time because of the intense washing done after one night stay. That is a big added cost too. But I simply lose too many guests if I don't have the one-night stayers.

There are lots of tips given to look into.

Also a tip from BDC admin which is interesting

Adding to that, you could charge per person compared to one price for one unit?

Hope this all helps. Have a peek :)

Happy Easter,


Aaltje B.