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online payments... how do you collect damage deposit and incidentals?

Anyone using the online payments?

I signed up for it the other day...and my very next guest used online payments - so I got a "virtual credit card" number I can charge next april when the guest arrives.

But, it is only valid starting the date the guest checks in, and has a max of the amount of the rental...


One of my policies is "guest pays 100 euro damage deposit 1 week before arrival".....  but I can no longer follow this policy because I no longer have access to a valid credit card.

I would have thought that booking would still collect a regular card - but also allow the guest to pay via another method 


Am I looking at this the wrong way?  Anyone else come across this as an issue?




Then charge the deposit amount on the time of check-in. Why do you need a deposit 1 week prior?  I collect damage deposits with cash at check-in. 

Isle of Wight … do not like us taking damage deposits - they do not like us protecting our properties and protecting the next guests. I am in a long-running battle with over this. did eventually allow us to request that guests pay damage deposits by bank transfer. We have a template email that goes out to every guest as soon as they book, asking them to pay the damage deposit by bank transfer. Only 2 out of the last 20 guests have done so. We are fully booked for the summer and I am too busy to manually chase every guest over this.

I will continue the fight to get to automatically take damage deposits. It's the right thing to do.


Basicly everything is solved if you can take deposits after booking is made.  It's either a full payment, a partial payment or just a deposit for the damage.  You give the guest a deadline (let's say 3 days) if the guest doesn't respond, you mark in extranet that guest didn't make the payment. automaticly contacts the guest and if he doesn't respond in 24h with a magic click you can cancel their booking.

Well anyway, good luck. :)