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Only Available to Collect Security Deposit In Cash

For my short term rental that I have listed with, I'd like to be able to use a credit card pre authorization (or have pre authorize) the security deposit.  However, the only option available for my property policy configuration is cash collection.  I am concerned this has deterred guests from booking at my property.  Can anyone help me to change this setting as cash is the only configuration option available to me currently.



you can use any you setup and then provide those methods and how to s into the new reservation template.


with a time limit of min.24h, to a few days


if they fail to comply, you then use the details page > request cancel : option 1.




Isle of Wight …

I've posted about this several times - if you search, you'll find my previous posts.

Bottom line, don't use cash - it's not covid secure, you shouldn't meet people in person unnecessarily, you can't wait around all day for people and can't expect them to wait around while you inspect the property, even if you do wait around, they might not have the cash on them, and very importantly, you need an electronic record to prove payment and refund

If BDC refuse to allow other forms of collecting damage deposits, switch to AirBnB - it really is that simple