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Only booked for one but were 2 adults and 3 children

I have a cottage where i want some extra depending on how many guest are visiting now they booked for 1 person but they were 2 adults and 3 children. He called three times about the fact that it was only pillow, bedclothes and towels for one person. had to go visit and had an argument for 20-30 minutes for the 31€ i wanted extra, then they started to bargain and in the end i was so tired of the rude situation i agreed to only 20€ extra.

Is this common? seems to me the Booking app often goes back to one person when looking around on different places to stay. have experienced that when travelling with my own family using the booking app.

how would you do in this situation?



Hi Andreas,


1. A cottage is a whole unit regardless of how many in a family,

2. Cottage should be setup as a whole, and priced as such.

3. All rooms setup and linens spare in hot press etc.

4. This prevents misunderstandings, manages expectations etc.


Its not worth occupancy rate on a cottage, nor the stress and complexity it brings.


Kind Regards