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Our Credit Card terminal won't accept Virtual Credit cards.

What to do?

 Had this same issue with Agoda. I get all the digits, but can't process them through our terminal, so had to request a physical eCard.

 How do I manage this?


OR: What are the easy alternatives? With our Website, walk-ins, email reservations, Agoda etc all bringing guests in, it's getting complicated. How do i streamline this? Direct bank deposit?

 Chris Wolfe

Mangos Beachfront Resort

Subic Bay,


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Thuild - Your …

Dear Chris,

I can do this process for you if needed.

I offer hotel consultancy and a bunch of solutions to things one can face in the industry.

Let me know if you're interested and we can chat about it. Drop me an e-mail.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

1 year ago
Leandri Klopper

Hi there Chris,

Thanks for the post!

Strangely I've never had an issue with the Virtual cards, as has us mark which type of cards your terminal is able to swipe. So when gives us a virtual card to process, it's always the right format.

Perhaps it's time to give your Bank a call to ask them to double check what type of cards your terminal can process. That way you can mark it correctly on your extranet and receive the correct type of cards.

Hope this helps!

1 year ago
Numi Solomons

We process our payments through our Paypal account and I had the misfortune to have a same day booking on Saturday with a Virtual Credit Card,

This cannot be processed as I need a postcode from the card owner to verify it.

I have spent three days now with Booking.Com on the phone, many unhelpful suggestions and still no answer!!

Paypal says that it is Booking.Com who are the problem,..

I did not sign up to the Virtual card, and have requested that it be removed from my profile immediately.

I have spoken to many accommodation owners in Whitby, who have had similar problems and now do not accept them.They had been told that their money owed would come off their commission, which is a rubbish way of working!

Booking.Com financial department have yet to get back to me...all I want is the money that is owing to us.

I have not contacted the guests yet, as she paid in good faith,- she actually said that if there was a problem she would pay with her card and get the money back from Booking.Com

I will let you know what happens

1 year ago
Thuild - Your …


All of the websites now work with Virtual Cards. At least the serious ones that do bring in a lot of business.

Forget about Airbnb and such, they sent me 0 bookings this year, so that's nothing to me, it might be the same thing in many other places too.

Virtual cards are the safest way of getting the money, therefore corporations use that for payment.

OTAs, GDSs and so on only work with those, the bank transfer era has long gone.

It's in your interest to get up to speed with technology and new procedures or be left on the side while others bloom.

PS: I looked at PayPal and it costs too much and they cannot process a lot of things that are common in our industry. Also, they cannot pre-authorize CC.

If you want solutions, read my previous comment.


Zsolt -

1 year ago