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Outstanding Payment from

I have changed my banking details weeks back and have been trying to get payment since October 2020.  I've called the customer service number and have had no solution.  Every week my payment date moves a week up since October.

No one can give me a clear answer on why my payment has not been done and no one phones me back after countless messages.  How do I get this resolved?




Are you using the BdC Partner Support number in your extranet inbox > booking messages area?


If not use the guide below on how to find it.


They never do callbacks in my experience, you always have to phone them


Phone them and confirm the bank transfer details /IBAN  etc



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Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


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House Qmza

Good morning,

Yes the number I am using is from this list.  Whomever answers says they have delays in payments and they will get finance to call me, and this never happens. It’s been two months without payment now and no one bothers to explain what the hold up is.


"Using number from the list"


Erm what list, there's only one phone number for partners, inside the message area displayed. 


It sounds like you've been ringing the public main line numbers.


Make sure you also submit a message so it creates a ticket/case.


In the message wizard area is where you will find the dedicated partner phone number.


What country are you in by the way?