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 I ' ve tryied to check a lot of similar rentals to the customer but they don't like every proposal.

I can't pay the expensive  cost difference of the rental proposal of

If there aren't solutions I'm going to exit from but in that case I have to pay for it?

thanks Rossella

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Leandri Klopper

Hi Rosella,

Unfortunately there is no getting out of it as your contract with doesn't just stop the moment you exit. You are liable to give the client a booking as per the terms and conditions of using If you can't afford anything they are offering, perhaps try and find something yourself which might be more in your price range?

I would then just suggest ensuring that no double bookings happen in the future as is quite strict on that. They're main point of marketing is that you Confirm your accommodation when you make a booking on the website.

Best of luck!

1 year ago