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We had blocked the date in our system for 26, 27 and 28 of July.

Now I want to set the date and made and booking, so this booking cannot happen, because I already booked it!

How can I cancel this reservation?


ew reservation via --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Booking nr. *** (***) Made by *** on 2020-07-25 11:07:23 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** *** Castellon - ES --------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-mail: *** Mobile: *** --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arrival: 2020-07-27 Departure: 2020-07-29 Price: 250.00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type: Notarissuite Nr. of persons: 2 (2 adults, 0 juniors, 0 babies) Guest: ***Price: 250.00 Price for 2020-07-27: EUR 125 (Standard Rate) Price for 2020-07-28: EUR 125 (Standard Rate) Guest name: *** smoking preference: Non-Smoking Meal plan: ***. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remarks: You have a booker that would like free parking. (based on availability) Extra Information: Booker is genius --------------------------------------------------





  1. cal sync when using 2 or more OTA will never sync without manual intervention, i.e. unreliable 
  2. Instead invest in a Channel Manager to stop this from happening such as nobeds, cloudbeds, etc.  
  3. Cancelling the over booking...
    1. Message guest to clearly and only state , sorry but we have no availability, for these dates, we must cancel now but you are welcome to rebook different dates, let us know which so we can check availability for you. The next notification you receive will be t o confirm the cancellation so you can be refunded if you prepaid.
    2. Now in reservation details click Request To Cancel, click option 2, and wait for them to action it.  
  4. Relocation Fee - invoice
    1. If you dont engage directly then they can involve BdC , who will relocate them and then send you an invoice for the new location. So it is important you directly deal with them, in order to avoid that.



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Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods

Boutique hotel…


I sent a message to the client what you told me, but if I do request to Cancel, it says it is not possible.

The room is already booked by other people and I don´t want them to show up my hotel this monday and I don´t have a room.

How can you confirm me that the clients know we don´t have anything available?

Boutique hotel…

where can I find the double booking contact info.

Because if this is so difficult, I must stop working together with booking. 

I blocked the date and I only have room for my reservation. So how can I get in touch with the clients how booked?

Boutique hotel…

I texted the client and are waiting for an answer. What can he do to cancel the reservation if he reads my message?

Does it cost him any money?