Overbooking ! Help please !


I am new to booking.com and by mistake I ended up with an overbooking. What can I do ?
I feel so bad for having to cancel on one of the groups. Also are there any cancellation fees involved ?
Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Hi Donia what an awful situation for your start. Firstly, you have to ask your guests to cancel and inform BDC about it. Be aware of the implications of cancelling a booking, you may have to foot the bill for the entire relocation of the guest. (possibly more expensive accommodation, taxi, etc.)
Wish you all the best...


Do you have any neighbouring hotels/guesthouses that could accommodate the other group?? My guesthouse is in a town with many and all my neighbors run guesthouses too so I call on then in the first instance to see if they can accommodate...if there is a slight difference in cost I do make up the difference. I then call the guests due to be moved and either fess up about the double booking apologising profusely or fudge a fault in the room (!)...I always accommodate extra guests (not that it's happened that often!) In like for like accommodation. I have also once called a guests and just explained honestly what has happened and that I couldn't accommodate them and asked them to cancel the reservation from their end which they did. You don't get any comeback as they can't leave a review on a cancelled booking. As already stated BDC could well re-house your booking in a 5 star facility and leave you to fit the bill... Hope this helps