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Overdue bill for commision

Bookings have sent me a bill for commision which has already been paid (it was deducted from the amount I received for the booking)  and now they are sending me late payment fines. i have messaged time and time but just being ignored. Anyone else had this problem. This is so so wrong  



They no longer deduct dues before payout. 

I know its stupid but thats why you do need to transfer amount due.


In some cases if you didn't need to they just revert it back to you

Kerry Drakeley

Thanks, however I checked it against my bank account and the amount received is definitely less the commission. I also double checked it back with the accountant too. :-( not sure what to do


Sergei - Commu…

Hello, Kerry Drakeley! I see you have already sent a message to the support. I think, best you can do right now is to wait for the reply. Please let us know in the comments if you still need our help.

Wai chee Cheah

I also have the same problem like Kerry. It is so useless exchanging dozens of replies via their extranet even with proof of bank that the payout already deducted commission, they just refused to check from their side and keep insisting on their newly generated mistake invoice, can't understand how hard it is for them to check their bank statement of debit and credit to proof read of their mistakes here...