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Just wanted to let you all know that we had a reservation for a guest on Sunday the 24the of May.  This person had no CC# so how are we suppose to charge them a fee without one.  Also no time as what time of there arrival.  so what are you to do also not fond of last minute reservations We are a small inn and don't want to get last minute reservations without a CC or phone #

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi High Meadows inn

Welcome , you are only addressing fellow partners and not direct BdC Support team.


If someone turns up like that I would point them to the nearest ATM as they cannot check-in until they can prepay on arrival the cost.


Ideally you would be better to use the Payments by,

and under property > policies , enable all rates as prepaid.

Enable Guest must provide phone number and address. Helps with other potential issues to do that also.


This way even for last minute you are covered.


Ask BdC support to enable the hidden extended fields in Calendar view 

You can use one of them i think it is called min arrival time, to prevent last minute bookings by a number of hours.


It defaults to days when you enter a number, so you can enter hours as : 



As this was yesterday  I would suggest you phone BdC Support, see link below for partner phone number.


Kind regards


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