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Part refunding a guest


I have a guest this weekend who reported to me personally that my place was not as clean as they would have liked. I think they had a point and i have spoken to my housekeeper about it so the issue will not happen again.

I want to give my guest a part refund and have already sent them an email.

How do i do this if it is indeed possible to do so?

Thanks for your help



Don Burns

It might be difficult for Booking,com to give your guest a partial refund, after you have been paid.  Booking,com usually deposits my guestroom payments into my bank account within two days of a guest's departure.


I suggest contacting that unhappy guest and asking for his/her mailing address.  Then send him/her your own personal check for the partial refund.


That would make it easier for you and your guest, which will not negatively affect your Booking,com history.



Jelle Fisher

Ok I understand and would be happy to do that. I also have a Airbnb account and its easy to do this on airbnb so I was just asking if it was possible on Thanks for your help