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Partial refund following cancellation

A guest has cancelled her booking for April that was fully paid for.  I have agreed to make an 80% refund to her. Can anyone explain how I can do this please?  Alternatively does anyone have a phone number for in the UK that actually works?  I am going round and round in circles!





Hi Fiona,


Sounds like you are setup for direct pay and not using VCC issued by, If yes? Then simply follow the payment gateway providers procedure to do the refund.


If you  are using a PMs/Channel manager which is integrated with your payment gateway provider , then you may have to do it via that system.


So the only limitation should be the support for the system you use. and its documentation on how to do partial refunds.


Note even with a refund I believe BdC will charge a commission, so confirming via the extranet messages system that you did a 80% refund, then they only charge you commission on the remaining 20%.


shortcut :



Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well