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Partner Help center not enough for Chinese Market

As doesn't has any direct response for the partners in China , we start to use the APP already one year , all the reservation is fake reservation and we couldn't get any payment for the No show charges , we need direct assistance from on how to manage our product and drive the Chinese market , who can help us , otherwise we have to give up this APP

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi 胡雷雷  / Hu Leilei


As this is a partner community forum, BdC support team are not actively viewing this.

Hence why you got no reply yet.


Here is what I and others will strongly recommend to mitigate the no shows and no payments.


  1. Enable Payments by BdC under Finance Get Paid menu.
  2.  Set Rate Plans Non Refundable
  3. Set strict cancellation Policy.
  4.  Set Minimum one night, and the Risk Free option is viable.
  5.  Set pay out as by period or monthly , 15th.

This now means all bookings are prepaid, and held by BdC.

They on checkout for  the period or monthly then deduct fees and bank transfer.


This will dramatically reduce stress, improve hair growth (lol no longer pulling it out) and resultsin smiles .


Kind Regards


If you still want to talk to a BdC Support Advisor simply go to Inbox, Booking Messages, click on Contact Us.


Note:: adding your property link to your partner profile helps other partners help and advise you.…