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Hi all, Im very new to Booking and this might sound like a silly question but I can't figure out how I will receive the payment form my guest. I can't seem to find a "paid online" sentence anywhere so I am guessing they will pay at the resort, but how much will I charge them? Will I charge them the amount that I will be getting or the full amount plus Booking's commission? And if so, do I then have to pay Booking their commission?

Thank you all

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

It can be very confusing when you first set up and there are various payment methods used.  If you haven't set up collecting your payments then, yes, you do need to collect from the guest at the resort.  You should collect the full amount from them, including the commission.  Then you will need to setup a Direct debit so that can collect your commission each month.

If you need to contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet or give them a call see link for local phone numbers. There is also lots of Info in the Help section.


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BrookAve 2 years ago


By default it will be on arrival, direct payment.


You may need to do this for the first couple of bookings and then allowed to signup for Payments by Booking.


I know its daft and others have suggested calling BdC out when they quote that criteria. clearly its bullshit .

So you are better off hounding them until they give it to you.


Have Payments by Booking significantly reduces risk on Last Minute, and prepayment reduces likelihood of scammers and not getting paid for no shows etc.


Summary :Scenario

  1. Direct payment on arrival
  2. Direct prepay, collect via any of many online methods (payrexx, sumup, stripe, etc) or Bank Transfer
  3. Sign up for Payments by Booking. BdC takes money at time of booking and holds until the payout date.
  4. BdC issued Virtual credit Cards - charge only on day 2.


Note at the moment when Payments By Booking send you money it includes the commission and payment fee.

So you have to use their IBAN info and send back that portion via bank transfer.

Prior to the pandemic the system was auto deducting it and sending the balance.

Kind Regards