In my pulse app it says payment from guest on the 4th of July but I still haven’t received payment. When will I receive payment and why does it say 4th of July when it’s clearly not that? Will I not receive my money before the booking ??







Hi Allan,


Why do you believe you should be prepaid directly?


if you have not setup any Getting paid feature then nothing will happen.


By default if you do nothing, no setup, for getting paid, the guest can simply not turn up and you dont get paid

or guest can turn up and pay on check in



Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods



Kind Regards


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Allan Hvid

Dear Brook

The reason I am writing with a question is not because I "believe" anything. It is because in my Pulse app it says, that a bank transfer has been made and the transfer will be made 4th of July. It is not something I make up. The app says it. That is why I am asking.  Br A