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Since 1 month I've started my own B&B. I've already had 3 guests, but unfortuneatly there has been no payment. At there was said my payments should have been at the 23rd of June, 3rd of July and 6th of July. As you would've guessed, none of these payments have been fullfilled by My bank information has been filled in correctly so that should not be an issue. 

I can't find the number of which I can connect about this, so hopefully I can get the help I need from here. 

Please reach out to me.


Kind regards,





Hi Stijn


  1. did you actually sign up for Payments by Booking - Finance Menu Getting Paid
  2. did you add your bank details in finance menu, for IBAN SEPA transfer
  3. did you set under Property Policy - Prepay, anmd guest must provide address and phone number?

In finance menu you can see al bookings and those marked noshow, cancelled etc and what payout to expect.

of  by default if you dont setup any of that, you must collect on arrival.


so which scenario have you used?


you partner profile is incomplete , missing property listingl ink for me to check, please add it  here asap.…


Kind Regards…