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My last guest checked in on the 16 of October & checked out on the 29th,& since then I haven't received my payment, it's been almost 3 month, keep sending emails & messages saying the bank transaction is getting regectted by my bank & to update my bank details, which is not true, as with the same bank details I receive regular transactions from Airbnb & individuals, also it's impossible to communicate with there financial team, Everytime my message is forwarded to the finance team, the only reply is please update your bank details, with no further replies from them


maybe give them a revolut or paypal account and sort of by pass the bank! if you do not have one i suggest you look into it as very easy to set up.


I am having the same problem. First guests were 1st November 2018 and other bookings since then. So far I havent recieved one cent into my banking account. The number that is provided to call for help is unreachable.

I am very dissastified with the payment system. I wish I had never signed up with

Leila Abouragab

Finally got paid after enormous number of messages, think the they got bored from my messages