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Hello sorry but ı can’t write in english, ı will write in turkish can you translate feom your couleqe. 

Hi ı am a owner a house, ı shared my house at your site and one client was came on first of Agust, and they check out on second of Agust. They paid online but ı didnt get money yet, because your system didnt accept mine bank account. I try a few bank account but system didnt accept, can someone help me please?

if you dont understand please show some Turk people i will explain in turkish, thank you have a nice work. merhabalar, ben booking üyesi ev sahibi ortağınızım, 1 Ağustos tarihinde bir müşteri daireme giriş yapıp 2 Ağustos’da çıkış yaptı. Ben ödemeyi tahsil edemedim çünkü sistem benim banka hesap numaramı doğru olmasına rağmen kabul etmiyor. Biri bana acil yardımcı olabilir mi?