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Payment and adress confirm


My fisrt problem is that I'd like booking to manage payment and I can't get te option in extranet (just can receive cash or CB by myself). What am I suppose to do ?

The second one is that is sending me a letter with a code to verify my adress but My cabin renting is located in Colombian caribean jungle where postman never goes. How could I verify my adress in another way to fix it ?

Thank you therefore for your help


M Adamopoulou

Hi Loic!!!


Welcome to the Partner Community jungle man!!!


You have to contact directly and ask them to verify your property in another way...they will find a way...


I think for new partners “Payments by” is not available...

You will have to wait a little and then will inform you If you are eligible...


Wish you a great start and remember to edit your profile and add your property link.

Loïc Barazer
I'm not new partner. My first renting is on booking from one year ago. Don't think is the solution.
M Adamopoulou

Sorry if I misunderstood!!!


If your property is not verified after a year maybe that’s the problem you are not eligible for “Payments by”....just a thought....



Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.



  1. You can sign up for Online Payments (get a ePoS ) or Payments by Booking. 
    1. Payments by Booking  is the ideal solution.  
  2. Verify ownership - phone BdC Support to do alternative method. see guide below.




Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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