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Payment by in South Africa - not receiving payments 3+ months

Hi All,

I switched to the payments by option in October 2018.

I have not received payments for my bookings in November , December and January.

2 Guests who have stayed at my property in November were refunded ,1 in December and 1 in January. found the first one to be a mistake , they are still investigating the second one (Yes it is a mistake as well).

I called the contact under the finance tab , but it never goes through to the Credit control department, I am told to send a message via the extranet to the credit control department. There is apparently a person there (Anthony) working on my case, but its impossible to get hold of anyone there.

Since end of December my feedback has pretty much been the same: We are investigating , we will get back to u in 5 days , 3 days etc. 

Is anyone else having such issues ? 

Any recommendations to getting this sorted?




Aaltje B.

My advice is, keep asking.

Don't take no for an answer,

Of course they should work on your behalf behind the scene, and they should also make you aware of that by keeping the communication up.

It's a pain if it doesn't happen.

At the meantime, perhaps go back to the pay at arrival system to be safe.

Let people pay cash on arrival. And tell them clearly they have to (if you want of course)

Are you with other OTA's as well?

Wishing you lots of guests and lots of payments to come in.

Have a great weekend,


Aaltje B.


Thanks for the pointers , I will be moving to prepaid option for now.