Payment conditions changed!!!

Dear Partners,

In searching my listing as a guest I noticed that although BDC facilitates my Payments...it is mentioned in the front page of my listing that “No prepayment is needed...pay at property...

Your comments and help is highly appreciated....

Wish you a beautiful day.

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Hi Maria,

When you look at the result for 3rd to 7th July, I cannot find that.

I instead see the usual normal view, and just above the availability

Lock in a great price for your upcoming stay

Prices may go up, so secure your reservation today.


I then changed to future dates further away 3rd to 17th, 14 nights, but no change.


Now I changed to September 4th - 18th, on the results I now see in green , 

Free cancellation.

No prepayment needed.


So I then open the details, and instead of ... Lock in a great price... I see  

Tip: Stay flexible

Since your dates are a while away, choose free cancellation to stay flexible. A change of plans is no problem when you have free cancellation!


I'm here scratching my head trying to figure this out, and the first thing I think of is, 


Its not a promotion, as promotions do not have settings related to payment method.


I would get on to the support team, as even if its a Risk Free booking for the guest, there should still be prepayment needed.


Have you checked the prepayment section to see if it is still enabled?


Under Other Policies

Guest Payment Options

You're Using Payments by Booking.com  <<< is this showing? if not is there an edit option, if not contact support.



Kind Regards, Be Safe , Be Well

1 month ago
M Adamopoulou

Hi Barry,

Thank you so much of your thoroughly investigation...

Due to Coronavirus BDC lately suggested us to give more flexibility to our guests....

I changed my flexibility to 1 day from 14 days... 

My local support team explained to me that the 1 day flexibility automatically means no prepayment needed  and guests can pay at property!!!!

Thank goodness I saw it...so I reverted my rate plan again to 14 days flexibility...

Please check again and let me know what you see...

Cant Thank you enough for helping me.

This summer season is so different for all of us....

Wish you a wonderful day.

1 month ago
M Adamopoulou

Sorry Barry,

I cannot read your comment...the full context is not shown in the box...another bug???

Please resend it if possible.

Thanks once again.

1 month ago