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Payment for extras

Is there some way of being able to adjust a payment (using payments by depending on options available to a guest e.g. They bring their own linen (no charge) or we provide linen (extra charge).

This applies to a holiday house where some guests prefer to provide their own linen.

Thanks Rob

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pibomarco 2 years ago

I don't think so. It's either included or not included. 

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

The best thing to do is rethink your plans. Most accommodation providers will provide the linen and this is included in the price.

If you are planning 2 different prices depending on whether guests bring linen, you are not charging an extra fee, you are discounting. If people bring their own, that is their choice, and let them change it themselves. If you discount for "no linen", you will get guests turning up without linen and expecting it for free (because they "didn't see that it costs extra and wouldn't have booked if they'd known" etc) and you'll have unhappy guests .... and you'll get some who sleep on the beds without any linen, especially in summer.

Be like everyone else, stick with a standard fee that includes your linen.

Alice's Palace… 2 years ago

Hi Rob,

After 2 years of providing linen, we no longer offer it as standard. It costs a lot here in Australia and is a general pain in the neck to coordinate, having it done off-site and delivered.

We would often having guests ask after they book, "oh, do you provide linen" (so it clearly wasn't a priority when booking), and other guests complain that the cleaning fee including the laundering was too high despite the fact that we subsidised the laundering and didn't pass the full fee on.

So we changed it and un-ticked the box about linens and bath towel provision. And we state in the text message to them that we no longer provide these as standard and have reduced the cleaning fee accordingly, enabling guests to have the flexibility to BYO. However, a linens and bath towel package is available upon request and fees apply.

Then say what the fees are and what they get - pillowslips (2p/p), bath towels, bath mats, hand towels, linens, tea towels. When guests request this, we have to process the payment ourselves (such a pity it can't be an add-on/click-the-button arrangement via where the fees are just added on). So we have been doing this since about March this year.

Provided you are up-front about it, then it's ok. I've found that about 70% of people request and pay for it. No one has cancelled because of it. We've only had one guest that slept on the mattress protector (was a late booking so the beds weren't made up, and they paid for the linens - I gave them access to the keys to the linen cupboard because I live a 1.5hr drive away. So they had to make the beds up themselves and clearly couldn't be bothered!).

I haven't gone through a summer with this arrangement yet, so we'll see. So far, so good though.

I think it depends a bit on the type of accommodation you have too. If it's aimed at the backpacker or budget accommodation, then be prepared for people not to pay for linens and sleep on the mattress protector. If your accommodation is aimed at a bit higher, you generally get guests that won't do that and would rather pay a bit more to have linens supplied. 

So good luck with it. :-)