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I’m looking for some recommendations regarding payment gateway available for those of us at locations where Booking.com doesn’t collect payment. I run some vacation homes in Nigeria. Booking.com doesn’t collect payment and I need a way to collect payment for no-show and non-refundable bookings. It’s usually not a problem Whalen a guest  stays and we can collect directly.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



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Hi Mojeed Oladimeji


Are you saying your country does not have Payments By Booking as an option ?  

Ok if thats is not an option you just need to sign up with a Payment gateway provider, so will give you either a virtual terminal and a physcial card reader, and or option to send payment links.


A few come to mind but I have no way of knowing if they are open to your country.


payrexx.com / stripe.com

https://sumup.ie/bookingie/&nbsp;   << Partner Offer



a quick search found some others :





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Akingston Flats

Thanks very much for the response. Yes, payment by Booking.com is not an option for Nigeria. I’ll take a look at the options provided.

Really appreciated.