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Payment Issues


i had already paid the overdue invoices and it's not getting reflected in the account. i tried to contact but couldn't find any possible way. could you please help me in sending the cyber receipt to so that they will acknowledge the same.

Sandra Vo


You mean that kept payment and has not make the payment to you, right?

I am the same case. received all the charges from guests for all Mar, 2021. They had not paid to me yet. Althought I called them may times and agent also answer me to wait till next week and next month.

Please guide me I should do or I will sue them for breaking the contract.

Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Sorry to hear about your payment struggles...especially in these hard days...


Maybe you should also send them a message request through your Extranet Finance tab..


Hope you get paid soon and please give u feedback...


Wish you well 🌞

Sandra Vo

I sent them msg already, but nobody replied to me. I called from last week till now. Today, I called them all day and only got the answer that the agent sent a request to the financial dept many many times but they had no feedback. And then answer me that I should wait a week and next following month. that means that I had not received all Mar conversation charges till now. And ask me to wait until May. 

Therefore how I pay expenses and manage the property without the money. kept my money with information or explain as well.

Sandra Vo

i saw in the group, there a lot of hosts faced same my situation.